Whatever Kindles at Bluffton University

As I write this, actors at Bluffton University are rehearsing my play, Whatever Kindles. Their production will be staged in mid-November. Though I won’t be traveling to Bluffton, Ohio, to see the production, I feel the excitement. The production will be the second for Whatever Kindles, a play about the lives of individuals volunteering for Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). The first production of Whatever Kindles was staged at George Fox University in 2007 (see accompanying photos).

Christian Peacemaker Teams work to prevent violence and promote alternatives to war around the world, and presently work in Iraq, the West Bank, Columbia, and other regions devastated by war and conflict. Whatever Kindles is a fictional play based on the stories of actual events in the lives of CPT members working to further peace in the world and wrestling with the struggles inherent in that work.

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