Introducing Wren

My first novel, Wren, has been newly released as an audiobook! What readers are saying:

“What a good listen! An engaging story by a fine writer with a gift for spiritual insight. Get this audio book. You’ll be glad you did.” The Rt. Rev. Jake Owensby, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana

Wren sneaks up on you with its brilliance and poignancy. Its characters may live with you forever.” Deb Montgomery, Artist, All the Water

Wren should be made into a movie! It is a wonderful and deep story of life set on the splendid coast of Oregon. The language is rich and descriptions vivid. I couldn’t stop listening until the last sentence and then I wished there was more. What a find!” Jonathan Booth, Audible review

“Wren and Bernadette won my heart–what a wonderful story. I have been known to cancel all appointments to finish a book. Wren was one of those books.” Claudia Johnson, Amazon review

The links in this article will take you to the Audible page where you can hear a sample of the audiobook, beautifully narrated by Christina Pfister and produced by Well Versed Productions. The birth of the production was a mystical experience all its own—a story I will describe in an upcoming article. In the meantime, I share a summary. Check out the book at Audible, and enjoy!

Book summary: Wren is the story of two women who shared a tragedy in their youth that impacted each of their lives in far-reaching and rather different ways. While Bernadette dealt head-on with the trauma and loss of her youth and commenced to live life fully, Wren shrank from life, choosing a path of distraction and repression. When the women are brought together by Wren’s decision to leave her husband of 40-plus years (though she doesn’t acknowledge at the time what she’s chosen), the past crashes into the present, with discoveries about her parents and the arrival of children whose lives mysteriously intersect her own. The lessons Wren must learn about attachment and honest emotion involve a choice between living and not living the life she’s been granted as she watches life slip from the hands of her old friend.

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