Introducing Wren

My first novel, Wren, has been released on Audible and Kindle! What readers are saying:

“What a pleasure to find a book that beckoned me back every chance I had. Tricia Gates Brown is a skilled storyteller, an exceptionally good one.” Sue B., Amazon review

“When I found myself pondering main character Wren’s life, thoughts, and choices, all through the day, whether listening to the book or not, I realized this book was a treasure.” K. Gates, Audible review

Wren should be made into a movie! It is a wonderful and deep story of life set on the splendid coast of Oregon. The language is rich and descriptions vivid. I couldn’t stop listening until the last sentence and then I wished there was more. What a find!” Jonathan Booth, Audible review

“There’s a vibrancy and courage about Wren that transforms her and leads to her to take a radical new course in life. Tricia Gates Brown writes with grace and beauty, her characters are well-developed, and she tells an engaging story. Get this audio book, but set aside time. You won’t put it down.” The Rt. Rev. Jacob Owensby, Bishop of Western Louisiana

“Wren and Bernadette won my heart–what a wonderful story. I have been known to cancel all appointments to finish a book. Wren was one of those books.” Claudia Johnson, Amazon review

Summary: Wren is the story of two women who shared a tragedy in their youth that impacted each of their lives in far-reaching and rather different ways. While Bernadette dealt head-on with the trauma and loss of her youth and commenced to live life fully, Wren shrank from life, choosing a path of distraction and repression. When the women are brought together by Wren’s decision to leave her husband of 40-plus years (though she doesn’t acknowledge at the time what she’s chosen), the past crashes into the present, with discoveries about her parents and the arrival of children whose lives mysteriously intersect her own. The lessons Wren must learn about attachment and honest emotion involve a choice between living and not living the life she’s been granted as she watches life slip from the hands of her old friend.

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