poetry: we are

{First published in the Summer 2021 issue of The Winnow Magazine}

we are  
Here, in this love of our twilight,
dark’s intrusion faced head-on and undenied,
we are one of a two-part wholeness, seed 
and fruit. Singer, song. How can we lose 
what we are? You are the day 
the truth insisted. The day you put your hands 
between my legs, said: This too is who
you are. You are the night I pooled on the floor
of that Honda, tracking the distance from love’s long
shattering. You are enlivening direction: Go
where I go. The heart that knows how
to heal. You are wrens nesting 
in my eaves; feet steady amid gusts, 
pulse electrifying. You are a lifetime; 
a garden I will know. A thousand forgotten, 
then whispered 
thank you’s.


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