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{This poem about "pre-middle" age seems to resonate with the times we are in—so much slipping away, so much being learned. I wrote the poem back in my 30s, though now I am squarely "middle."}   Pre-Middle If childhood is a cradle of universal arms and middle age a turning back—needy or humbly surrendered; if [...]

Returning to who you are in Love

{Image: Artist David Bradley; CC Attribution Peabody Essex Museum, 2006} We have again arrived at Ash Wednesday and the penitential season called Lent, when some in the Christian tradition focus on sin. Others, especially post-Christians harboring a gripe with the faith, characterize Lent as a time for flagellating ourselves while simplistically ascribing to Jesus the [...]

Back to the 1950s (thanks a lot, Internet)

Have you noticed how beautiful everyone’s lives have become? People’s homes and families, vacations and outings are so artfully photographed and presented they look straight out of Martha Stewart. The trappings of fashion, or dressing up, we see in these photos have always been there. But something is new in how carefully staged we are, [...]

Powers govern you, and they are not who you think — Part Two

To envision the way “the powers” operate in our lives (see Part One for an explanation of this theological concept), it is useful to consider some concrete scenarios. For example, imagine an energetic, entrepreneurial woman decides she wants to design and make clothing, but in a way that does not exploit workers sewing the clothing, [...]

Seeing Clearly

When I was a college undergraduate, my ethics teacher taught that ethics come down to this: being able to see clearly. We can engage in all sorts of philosophizing, all sorts of ethical calisthenics when we get into a quandary, but when it comes to a situation where we must make a difficult ethical decision, [...]

Powers govern you, and they are not who you think—Part One

Last week I proceeded to share on Facebook a link to my blog “Theology of Resistance,” as I do every week or so. As with many writers, Facebook is how I reach my readers—that diverse, wonderful, readerly, thoughtful, far-flung tribe of people with the same quirky interests I have. Thanks to social media, I can [...]

Tripping Hazards

Back when I was young, full of spit and fury, I relished the New Testament book of James. It is so didactic and ethical and uncompromising, and I loved it the way I might have loved an Occupy Wall Street speech. Still today, there is much I find engaging in James’ appeal to economic justice, [...]