Love is our destiny

“The purpose of life is to be continually defeated by ever greater things.” ~Rainier Maria Rilke Fall arrives and my walk takes me past Foley Creek, the stream quickened after a week of heavy rain. The loud splash of a salmon stops me in my tracks.  At several points around my neighborhood, roadway meets creek, but at this [...]

We Go Together

In the intriguing book Sapiens, Yuval Harari makes the case that homo sapiens dominated all other species and left behind other early-humans because we were able to pass on shared mythologies, or sacred stories. Prior to the ability to build group cohesion in this way, through shared concepts and values, groups tended to reach a [...]

We are Already There

  Throughout his ministry, Jesus challenged every boundary people used to define and separate themselves—ethnic boundaries, geographical boundaries, purity boundaries, moral-legal boundaries, relational boundaries, boundaries between humans and animals, adults and children, men and women. Jesus didn’t stop at material boundaries, but went on to demonstrate with his life that everything is spiritual—there is no [...]

Incarnated Values

“In the new humanity which is begotten today, the Word prolongs the unending act of [his/her] own birth.” ~ Pierre Tielhard de Chardin As Christians, we uphold a fully en-fleshed theological worldview. This is not just because incarnation of the Divine is a key part of our spiritual imagination (and by incarnation, I mean divinity [...]

Who is my neighbor?

I live along a country road that winds through a coastal river valley starting at one bay and reaching another. At one end of this idyllic road sits a shingled cottage with a hand-built stone wall out front covered each summer in tiny magenta flowers, and a large camellia bush presently blooming, dropping pink petals [...]

The relational nature of being

 {Image: ESA/Hubble & NASA and the LEGUS Team Acknowledgement: R. Gendler. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0} When late fourth-century Christian theologians intuited a construct of God as multi-faceted and called that construct “trinity,” they had intuited something essential about reality. Trinity is the Christian philosophy of the nature of being, and it is proving more insightful [...]