Written Off

Written Off {Originally published in GEEZ Magazine, Spring 2013 [The Feminist Issue]: http://www.geezmagazine.org/magazine/article/written-off/} If I were to describe to you my most interesting, mature female friends, I would tell you they are emotionally intelligent, open-hearted and compassionate, honest, insightful and finely attuned to the subtleties of domination. They often laugh, but do not use humour [...]

Pristine Voices

  San Marco Convento, Florence is a simple cathedral by Florentine standards, shadowy but for shards of light through high windows, minimally adorned in geometric black and white. Despite the influx of tourists, the chapel almost shudders with stillness and, unlike many Florentine cathedrals, calls people to worship. You see them kneeling at prayer benches [...]