Poetry: Mapping Mortality

The illusion is the rising green horizon where farmland meets sky before eye can glimpse coast, Cascade mountains bounding our valley like border walls. This home is no prairie, where you set cruise to 70 and await rainbows, uncanny wonders. Our peaks, instead, so imposing they stymie migrations: illness mortality rage—the slow progress of regress [...]

The Other Part of the Miracle

{First appeared in Northwest Coast Magazine, Spring 2009} The Other Part of the Miracle is the red-wingeds’ return, black birds with a revel of crimson on their shoulders, a call that sags like a drawl, like the short-long-short of their flight. March has finally come. Mind you the birds perch on cattails sprung and faded, [...]

Poetry: Resilience

{First published at Vita Brevis Press, July 2019} Resilience Each summer woods threatento take this place. Salmonberry, elder,the Sasquatch mittens of devils claw,encroach on the patch around our house then swallow it whole. We have never hadthe wild and cloying cucumber, but therehe is, showing out of nowhere, like sea scum,algae blooms, crops of a [...]

Attending Yoga at Winter Solstice

Attending Yoga at Winter SolsticeClass starts at five and already it’s dark.Radiant sconces in the Rec-Center yoga roomdraw us like men to a dusky bar on a rain-split night in December. Black locust trees twitch scarred branches outside the windows, stripped of their nimble fringe, as we fold bodies like quilts around suspended hearts, release our breath, laden with its [...]


{This poem about "pre-middle" age seems to resonate with the times we are in—so much slipping away, so much being learned. I wrote the poem back in my 30s, though now I am squarely "middle."}   Pre-Middle If childhood is a cradle of universal arms and middle age a turning back—needy or humbly surrendered; if [...]

Fall Poem

Again You are no different than asters that fall dead in sleep, reemerge each year strong and new. By   midlife, you had fallen twice. First, watched the pieces leveled one by one, left to ask what remains when no one calls, when accolades fester into gossip, when all our proud self-sacrifice, clever deeds   feed the [...]

Summer at Twelve

I recently participated in an event called Word & Image. Writers were randomly paired with artists. The artist selected a piece by the writer and created an artwork in response to it; and the writer selected an image by the artist, creating an artwork in response. I was paired with a talented photographer named Juleen Johnson. She [...]