Twila, Frederick, and Shen

Children’s Books by Tricia Gates Brown
I published the kids books Frederick and the Flute Maker and Twila and the Treasure in 2005 and 2009, with the help of gifted illustrator Sally Lackaff. Both books can be purchased in shops around the Oregon north coast or online through the Cannon Beach History Center.
Keep an eye out for a book set in Astoria, due in early 2015: Shen and the Magic Box.
Frederick and the Flute Maker is the story of the “little people” who live on Haystack Rock, of the rock eldress Royle, of the summer Royle encounters a boy named Frederick, and of how that encounter changes both of their lives.
One of my favorite illustrations from the book…
Twila and the Treasure tells of an adventurous girl in pursuit of riches. The story takes place on Neahkahnie Mountain and in Manzanita, Oregon, when the village was barely a stop on the trail. The tale follows Twila, a fearless discoverer who manages to find treasure, but only after stumbling into trouble.
One of my favorite illustration from the book…

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