Journey With Me

Season of Wonder (2016; Frederick Press; click image for preview):

SOW cover“Buddhist spirituality teaches that clinging to the impermanent causes human suffering—and the true spiritual path is the path to awareness, acceptance, and letting go, the pathway to joy. Mostly I hate this with the shit-fire passion of a bull. Yet I must face the bull in me like the bastions of adrenaline-charged men in Pamplona, or in better moments, the graceful matador choreographing the dance of non-resistance.”    

After experiencing a devastating loss, writer Tricia Gates Brown could no longer write. Seven months later, as she gathered strength, she set out composing short pieces simply as writing practice. Yet the narrative that tumbled out was a surprise. An arc of losing and finding. A journey of self-discovery and wonder.

Jesus Loves Women: A Memoir of Body and Spirit (2011; DreamSeeker Books; click image for preview):

JLW cover crop small

Jesus Loves Women is the memoir of a girl raised in a fundamentalist Christian milieu she casts off at a young age and of her quest to find wholeness and home, spiritually and sexually. Of the book, Brian Doyle (Mink River) writes: “An honest, piercing, blunt, lyrical, remarkable writer about the endless chambers of joy and pain in the heart.”